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Survivor's Comments

“This is something for television. It is done by youth but it is really so convincing that one can in no way question its truthfulness. In my opinion it is to be wondered how Dominique Caillat knew how to tell this story as she has done. Every sentence, every word is true. Such were the times.”
(Jan Jecha, a survivor of Terezin and Auschwitz, in the radio programme "Lieder, Leute, Landschaften" on SWF 4)

“I feel compelled to tell you how deeply the performance of your play Leb wohl, Schmetterling moved me. I saw myself taken back to the years of terror, of need and of fear of the next day. Your performance has described this in a most sensitive way, expressing the essence of those times. The actors, so carefully directed by you, gave their best. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my soul for this strong experience.”
(Ursula Geibel, whose mother was interned in Terezin)

“All of us survivors who saw this play, and who have seen so many previous attempts to recreate the past artistically, agree that ‘Farewell Butterfly’ belongs to the best. We want to find a way to bring this marvellous youth company to the Czech Republic.”
(Former prisoners of the Terezin concentration camp: Anna Lorencová, Eva Herrmannová, Olga Hoshková, Anna Hyndráková)


“An overwhelming production... Impressive performance brought about with incredible intensity by the youth actors... The jury was convinced by the comprehensive work over the past, the exciting and moving, never superficial or overburdened direction as well as the high-level of acting... Farewell Butterfly should not be described, it must be seen... It is with great admiration and respect that we present the "Theater in der Vorburg", represented by the author and director Dominique Caillat, with the main price of the 1998 Children and Youth Cultural Price of Rhineland-Palatinate.”
(Dr. Rose Götte, Minister of Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate, Price Giving Ceremony, September 7, 1998)

“I was enthusiastic about the production and the fact that young Germans have dealt so intensively with the past, succeeding in conveying to the public a piece of reality of those terrible past times. The creative direction of this sensitive play has also deeply impressed me... The performance as well as the play are a deep emotional experience.”
(Avi Primor, Israeli Ambassador to Germany)

“In the name of the City of Tel Aviv, I should like to thank you for the performance of ‘Farewell Butterfly’.  The talented young actors were in every respect wonderful and the public was deeply impressed by their extraordinary performance of such a sensitive matter.”
(Nathan Wolloch, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tel Aviv)

“Excellent Production... Creative and exemplary representation of the shocking fate of the imprisoned children.”
(Terezin Initiative, Hans-Krása Cultural Foundation)


“You have achieved an incredible feat... I very much admire with which assurance you avoided all clichés. It could have been too gross (the attempt to show horror "realistically" on stage is, at this level, always condemned to fail) or too superficially translated into our present (saturated) day life, or too tragic (which brings an artificial note) or too sentimental (which is cheap) or... A most dangerous undertaking! The play is gripping, one is never bored, it is moving, personal and even has charm, which heightens the attractiveness of the characters and makes our sadness all the greater... And what you achieved with the dialogues! Always understandable, simple lines. And the most important: your work with the children. This is of course what carries the whole: the naturalness, the authenticity of these children. How they perform with body and soul, seriousness and conviction. The result is wonderful and I thank you all that I was allowed to experience it.”
(A. Wiegand, Munich)

“This play must go on living, it may not fall into oblivion... Its message is conveyed in words which have obviously equally reached everyone: young and old, actual victims and persons who only learned or are learning through hearsay and documents, the unknowing and the learned, simply everyone. I have seldom experienced such a reaction from pupils as well as their parents: time and again, they called or spoke to me, saying how grateful they were for this theatre evening.”
(M. Pfeiffer, Bonn)

“Shattering... After the performance I left the Theatre most deeply moved... That one could smile or even sometimes laugh in a play dealing with a concentration camp is really unique. It was a great experience and I want to thank you and your young actors for this evening.”
(M. Schait, Tel Aviv)

“Allow me to express once again my admiration for the idea and realisation of Leb wohl, Schmetterling. I have the deepest respect for the seriousness and discipline that you were able to instil in the children and youth in the presentation of the civilisation catastrophe of our century and this was clearly felt by everyone in the audience. Actually, this lesson in humanity should, with its high aesthetic standard, reach many, many people.”
(H. Eschweiler, Andernach)