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Roland Graser
Kidnapping in Worms
“Your guest appearance in Worms was over a week ago but I do not want to fail to thank you and your actors warmly for an impressive evening. I had already attended the production in Osthofen and my fascination only grew upon seeing it for the second time on January 28. I can only confirm that this reflects the reaction of many spectators at the end of the performance on 22/1. Several persons have told me that they would try to attend your coming matinee in the Festival House (for schools on 28/2), since they too wish to see it a second time.

What mostly struck me in your play was not so much its documentary content. As a president of the WARMAISA Society for the Encouragement of Jewish Culture in Worms, I am well informed about the events in the Middle East, to which my organisation has been devoting its attention for many years already. I nevertheless wish to comment on this aspect as well, having felt that your account of the situation was very balanced and factually correct.

What really fascinated me was the poetic dimension, something seldom found with such depth in documentary plays. This is true of the ballet-scene, but even more so of the sequences of repeated sentences, increasingly loud and intense, uttered by the protagonists when they get stuck into controversy, a device which acts as a red thread through the chain of events. You clearly identified the unsolved issues of the problem, unfortunately also the fact that we have a vicious circle here that cannot be broken as long as each side remains stuck in its own positions. Although the play does not end up on a very hopeful note, which would be presumptuous at this stage – even though some spectators might have wished for a clear “happy end” – there were several signals of hope, in the cooking scene, for example, or again the ballet scene.

I also want to praise your brilliant starting point [bombing in a café, appointment with a German character, two dead protagonists], which, I admit, I first judged, on reading the programme notes, to be artificial and far-fetched. I was wrong, and realized in the performance, quite on the contrary, that it was an excellent trigger for the story and a most useful device with respect to the German involvement in the theme.

I wish to express all my gratitude and admiration to you and your entire team.”


A. Stark und R. Pöse
Kidnapping in Speyer
“Many greetings from Speyer! For me and my equally fascinated and moved friends (all of them familiar with the themes of your play), tonight’s performance was an unforgettable experience and I feel compelled to express my warmest thanks to you and the actors/other participants in writing.“

One of my friends took the words out of my mouth as we came out, saying “I think I am beginning to understand this inextricable conflict at last.” This is such a human, strong and courageous play with so many decisive details.

(We both have attended a conference by Mrs. Sumaja Farhat-Naser, who only depicted terrible circumstances, leaving us dumbfounded – your play gave us a much deeper understanding of the situation, and we can see why there is no easy way out. And none of it was too academic!) Don’t lose your dedication! How sad, that we don’t live in Andernach. This should be seen by every history teacher. Where were they tonight?“


Hildegund Schweiger
Kidnapping in Worms
“Dear, strong theatre team that has the courage to address such an issue:

At first, I was really curious to find out whether one could do a play on such a subject and bring it to performance without lecturing or preaching to the public. I was completely taken by this work of art, was sometimes paralyzed, sometimes just amazed and was able to laugh in between. 

What I most identified with was the scene with the fictitious characters, for example Lev’s soldier son. This was me. Your performance was impeccable. Well, this is what I wanted to tell you. I wish your project many, many performances, and hope it will lose none of its sparkling energy on the way. And I wish you a whole bunch of generous sponsors.“


Gisela Rothenbücher
Kidnapping in Koblenz
“An impressive theatre evening, a magnificent piece by Dominique Caillat.

… „I have never until today listened so intensely to an hour and a half of theatre” said an old man next to me after the long applause had subsided, and I can only endorse him. Covering all the facets of the conflict (or war?) in the “Promised Land”, the play got under the skin and was only bearable thanks to the few conciliatory passages. The long silence at the end before the audience broke into applause speaks for the enormous achievement of the actors. Thank you!!! I would be happy to recommend this performance and would be grateful if you could send me a list with the dates and venues of future performances.“


Susanne Krupka
Kidnapping Premiere in Mainz
“… A wonderful play, which clearly describes, with very simple means, the difficult coexistence of two cultures. You were right in your introductory speech: political education takes place in the theatre. I think that many people in the audience left the performance after 2 hours with more understanding for these issues than they would have obtained in any given seminar. Many thanks!...“


Oliver Mang, Administrative Director of the City Festival House of Worms
School performance of Kidnapping
“I am overcome by work but nevertheless wish to give you a short feedback on yesterday’s school performance in the Festival House. The performance went very well. We had an audience of about 450 (mostly class 11 and 12 pupils, i.e. 17/18 year-olds), which I regard as satisfactory. The play was extremely well received, and, astonishingly, the young spectators voluntarily stayed to take part in a discussion lasting almost an hour. I found the play very good and the acting outstanding.

All in all, a very positive experience and therefore, many thanks from Worms!“


Christa Wendling,  Israel-Palestine Society, Bonn
Kidnapping Performance in Simmern
“Many thanks for your wonderful play Kidnapping and many thanks as well to the actors for their outstanding performance.

You were so adept at putting the conflict in a nutshell in your play and I believe that the beginning of a solution lies in recognizing that it is useless to fight about the past, the present or the future! We should seek a solution in dialogue, using our existential need for recognition, respect of values and of other human beings.

The performance deeply inspired me. I would very much like to recommend the show to friends and acquaintances. Please send me a plan of your tour with dates of venues.

All the best and best wishes, also to your actors and team.“


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